Your dev team’s process worked.
Until it didn’t.

You were a scrappy, driven team in the beginning -- maybe no more than a handful of you were shipping new features every week, delighting customers, and squashing bugs.

Then, your team grew. And you moved a little slower.

You grew some more. And your processes really broke down. 

Now, it feels like every update takes 3x longer than planned. QA can never quite catch all the bugs. Your employees get frustrated with each other, and the excitement of shipping just isn’t there anymore.

Your team’s suffering the slow delivery blues -- and what’s worse, there’s no single source you can turn to, to figure out how to scale more smoothly, keep everyone happy, and ship high-quality software.

That’s where DefactoDevOps comes in.

Patrick Wiseman launched DefactoDevOps after feeling the joy of great and improving development processes at several fast-growing SaaS companies, including Calendly (where he was previously Director of Engineering) and Salesloft (where he was previously an Engineering Manager).

He noticed a stark contrast to the common story at earlier startups and agencies. Early developers were struggling to keep up with the development work they loved while trying to mentor & on-board new engineers, maintain the production infrastructure, assist with hiring, and answer everyone's questions.

We provide community resources that help the poor souls that have become their company's defacto devops practice lead by:

  • We hold interviews with current engineering managers [at cool companies?] about their own experiences with removing institutional roadblocks & scaling their teams
  • We publish short, actionable tutorials about […?]
  • We publish in-depth articles about […?]

DefactoDevOps launches in spring 2018. Be the first to know when we’re live.

We’re gathering our first interviews now, with engineers at companies like Heroku and Github -- and we can’t wait to share them with you. 

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