Ship better software faster.

Our Raison D'être

There are countless frustrating factors that affect a team's ability to deliver the product roadmap:

  • Some teams fall far behind on automating tests and quality checks, and lose momentum to regression testing.
  • Others fall behind on reported bugs, and don’t realize the value of the features they’ve already built.
  • Software-rot and technical maintenance can take away time from new feature development.
  • Second-system syndrome commonly can anchor a team to an impossibly large release.

When this happens, the team loses the energy and excitement that comes with shipping the product in the first place.

The Good News

The good news: you are not alone, and this is fixable. Deft is experienced at customizing the right set of processes and tools to get your team out of the slow delivery blues. Our specific areas of focus include:

  • Identifying critical weaknesses in your existing delivery process, and creating a roadmap for improvement
  • Eliminating technical barriers in your delivery process that are currently slowing your team down
  • Empowering technical leadership to train, coach, and advocate for delivery best practices long-term

What can Deft do for me?

Deft provides technical teams at high-growth SaaS companies with the processes they need to scale successfully. No nonsense.

We believe every team can be highly effective in consistently and quickly shipping new features that delight users, fixing reported bugs within minutes, and scaling without compromising speed or quality.

Since every team’s needs and challenges are unique, we offer a range of services, so we can meet you at your specific stage of growth. Of course, we’re happy to customize these services to best serve your team.